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We encourage you to purchase your Grand Design RV from your local dealer for several reasons:



Quality and service are the backbones of our organization and we want to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. In the rare case that your Grand Design unit may need servicing, we want the process to be as quick and painless as possible. Your local dealer is best able to prioritize your service needs.


The RV lifestyle is wonderful and is something we hope you will continue doing for the rest of your life. Creating a great relationship with your local dealer will only increase your long-term satisfaction with our products and the RV lifestyle.

Local Laws

Your local dealer is best equipped to advise you of any local laws and give you tips that an out of town dealer may not be aware of. Also, if you live in Canada and you purchase your RV outside of the country, your RV must meet specific regulations before you can cross the border and return home. These requirements may include fees, taxes, inspections, etc. Your local Canadian dealer is best equipped to handle these requirements.


Your overall satisfaction with our products and your RV purchasing experience is our ultimate goal.
Buying locally is one of the ways to help us achieve this goal.

Legacy, History & Vision

To our Grand Design RV Customers and all RV Enthusiasts:

Please allow us to share some insights into what makes Grand Design RV Company different from all other RV manufacturers and why this difference is important to you and your family. Everything we do at our company is focused on building long term value in what we offer to our customers; "more features and superior value for your dollar". Our ultimate focus from the very first day we opened our doors has been on our customer.

Grand Design RV is a privately owned company founded by close friends Don Clark and brothers Ron and Bill Fenech (each having over 25 years of experience in the RV industry). Our careers have been devoted to leading some of the most successful companies in the RV industry, being part of the ownership team that led Keystone RV Company to be the largest travel trailer and fifth wheel company in the world.

While we are proud of our accomplishments at Keystone RV, we recognized as the company grew, it became difficult to stay in touch with the needs of our customers, employees and ultimately the products we built. That is why we left in 2011 to pursue our dream and reconnect on a personal level with our customers and dealers. The result of this new venture is Grand Design RV Company. The benefits of company owners spending time in the manufacturing facilities, meeting with customers and driving all major decisions are absolutely magical!
Grand Design RV Company has over 400,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities located on 67 acres in the rural community of Middlebury, Indiana. The workforce we draw from has a reputation for quality craftsmanship that is second to none.

Our desire is to create customers for life! We intend to do this by providing more features, better designs and unparalleled customer support for your investment. You can rest assured that your Grand Design product has been constructed with pride and care. Please take some time and learn more about us, our company and our products. We would be honored to personally welcome you to the Grand Design RV family!

Our Story

We Strive For Nothing Less Than Customers For Life!

Thank you for taking the time to look at Grand Design RV.  We would like to share some insights into what sets Grand Design RV Company apart from all other RV manufacturers and why this difference is important to you.

We were part of the ownership and leadership team of the largest travel trailer and fifth wheel manufacturer in the world. While proud of this accomplishment, it became difficult to stay in touch with customers, employees, and ultimately the quality of the final product. It was obvious there was a better way.

In 2012, we started with a blank canvas to pursue that better way, a different way, than what had been done before. A company whose culture requires a long-term, personal connection with our customers, employees, and dealers – that company is Grand Design RV. Our business model of doing the right thing has led us to unparalleled years of growth.

LONG TERM VALUE  Everything we do at our company is designed to build long-term value in what we offer our customers, “more features and superior value for your dollar.”

CUSTOMER FOCUS  Our focus, from the very first day we opened our doors, revolves around our customers. Your satisfaction is our future.

STAYING CONNECTED  Magic happens when the CEO and Senior Management actively work with the production facilities to help build the team and develop products.

EXPERIENCED WORKFORCE  Our local workforce has been hand-picked and has an excellent reputation for second-to-none industry craftsmanship.

CLASS-LEADING WARRANTY  We back every one of our coaches with a 3-year limited structural warranty.

RAISING THE QUALITY BAR  We put every Grand Design RV through a series of quality inspection gates during the manufacturing process. Once completed, the unit undergoes a comprehensive “final finish” inspection. At this point, most manufacturers ship their coaches to the dealer for retail sale. We aren’t most manufacturers. Every one of our coaches is shipped to a PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) area where they are put through a rigorous 300+ point inspection checklist. It is only after PDI certification that we deem a unit ready to ship to our dealers.

SUPERIOR SERVICE anything built by humans that travels down the open road is subject to issues. It’s how those issues are addressed that make Grand Design stand out. Don’t just take our word for it, visit the independent Grand Design Owners page (Grand Design RV Owners) on Facebook and see for yourself. We take care of our customers after the sale. An informed customer will be a Grand Design customer!

At Grand Design our goal is simple – continue leading the industry with quality products while improving the customer’s RV experience before, during and after the sale. We strive for nothing less than customers for life and we would be honored to personally welcome you to the Grand Design RV family!

Warmest Regards,

Don Clark, President, CEO


Attention To Detail Makes The Difference

Just because everyone else is doing it, doesn’t make it the right way.  We do a lot of things differently at Grand Design RV and our construction is no exception.  Following are just a few of the ways in which we construct our coaches differently, to build a better RV:

  • Laminated Aluminum Framed Construction | Our sidewalls are laminated aluminum framed, but we didn’t stop there like many other manufacturers do…We also laminate the rear wall, and the sidewalls and roof of every slideroom.  You can feel the difference!
  • Wood Truss Framed Roof | Residential style wood trusses, spaced 16” on center, provide the foundation for a full walk on roof.  Wood framing provides better screw retention than traditional aluminum trusses, and it eliminates the metal on metal connection to the aluminum framed sidewalls.  Wood also has better insulative values to help keep you comfortable.
  • TPO Roof Covering | Seamless 1-piece roof covering won’t streak or chalk like traditional rubber roofs and features a 12-year warranty. 
  • Racetrack Ducting | To ensure the most efficient cooling possible, we use an exclusive racetrack ducting system that extends past each A/C unit to allow for uninterrupted airflow from the front to the back of the coach (Available on Reflection, Solitude and Momentum)
  • Fully Enclosed Underbelly | Our fully enclosed underbelly’s are insulated and have a dedicated heat duct to ensure the best protection from the elements.
  • Heavy Duty Tires | We use heavy duty tires that are filled with Nitrofill™ for maximum lifespan.  These tires are also backed by a 5-year warranty.
  • Class Leading Pass Through Storage | Huge pass through storage bays are a hallmark at Grand Design RV.  We have strategically designed our plumbing and electrical wiring around the storage area to ensure maximum usable storage space.
  • Ductless Flooring | Heat vents are discretely hidden in the bases of the cabinets, unlike traditional floor vents that trap dirt and debris.
  • Aluminum Entry Steps | High end aluminum steps won’t rust or bind like traditional steel steps.
  • 3-Year Limited Structural Warranty | Class leading construction deserves a class leading warranty.
  • 100% PDI Inspection | We put every Grand Design unit through a series of quality inspection gates during the manufacturing process.  Once completed, the unit undergoes a comprehensive final finish inspection.  From here, most manufacturers ship their units on to the dealer for retail sale.  Not Grand Design…Every one of our units are shipped to a separate PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) facility where they are again put through a 250+ point inspection.  It is only after this that we deem a unit ready to ship to our dealers.


We Didn't Merely Raise The Bar On Quality. We Set It.

By now, we're sure you've heard the buzz. Grand Design product quality stands out head and shoulders above other brands. Our multiple Quality Circle awards punctuate that fact and there are some very calculated reasons why this is so. Following construction, every Grand Design product goes through an initial quality inspection process. This is usually the final step other manufacturers take before shipping their units. We at Grand Design RV believe that this “industry standard” process falls far short of producing what we would regard as a quality unit. So, at this point in the manufacturing process, we send each unit to our dedicated PDI* Center where it is meticulously taken through a rigid point-by-point inspection process and final finished. Only then do we consider it “Grand Design great”. In terms of time, building space and manpower, this step is a costly one. But we believe it to be an absolutely essential step in delivering the finest quality products to our dealers and customers.

We are extremely proud to be the first RV company to achieve such a high level of product quality. Your local dealer is keenly in-tune with the quality level of units when they arrive at their lots. Regrettably, most will tell you that they have to repair numerous major items missed by most manufacturers. But don’t take our word for this. Visit your local Grand Design RV dealership and ask them! 

*Pre Delivery Inspection

Full Time Living

The Cure For Full-Time Living - Grand Design RV Fifth Wheels and Travel Trailers

Many retirees are finding that life can be restrictive in a home designed for full time living. Grand Design RV offers a complete line of Extended Stay vehicles designed to remedy this issue. Numerous camping resorts in the USA and Canada now offer versatile Extended Stay plans. Because of this, many Grand Design RV owners are enjoying our products as a part-time “second home”. They find it considerably more affordable than a condo or small house and much more versatile because they can park it in superb locations and move it whenever they please.

All our Fifth Wheels and Travel Trailers are “Extended Stay Approved”. This means that we have engineered them with many of the residential-style qualities found in a fine home. To this end, we have created spacious open living areas and appointed them with extra large windows, large refrigerators, walk in closets, large queen/king beds and many other home-like amenities.     

These features help translate your extended stay experience into full-time enjoyment!

When considering a potential extended-stay home, you will want to choose a manufacturer who produces solidly engineered units of the highest quality, who offers groundbreaking floor plans and provides the highest rated customer service. Grand Design RV has met these standards and has set the bar with our innovative “next generation” RV’s. Visit your nearest Grand Design RV dealer and you will see exactly what we mean!

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