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Solar Done Right

Solar Prepped

Plug and Play Ready The 10 gauge wiring is already in place with industry standard MC4 connectors throughout to ensure maximum compatibility.

Solar Package
Solar Package

Now you can have a complete solar power system installed from the factory. Just add batteries and go!
This optional package includes:

Solar Package *Solitude and Momentum Fifth Wheels come with 2000 watt Inverter,
Momentum Travel Trailers come with 1000 watt inverter.

Solar FAQs

Here you will find answers to commonly asked questions about your solar power system. Please be sure to note the Transcend XPLOR specific details on some answers if you are a Transcend XPLOR Owner.

Do I need a special battery to use this solar system?

Anything from Lead-acid to AGM and Lithium Iron Phosphate are appropriate for solar

What size connectors do I need?

MC4 sized connectors*
*On Transcend XPLOR - We use Furrion proprietary connectors instead of MC4

How many panels can I put on my roof

OEM charger can handle 550W, which usually amounts to 2 panels.  Install a 6 gauge wire from the controller to the batteries along with 10 gauge wire from the panels to the controller and you can use a 60-amp controller, which will double your wattage availability*
*On Transcend XPLOR - OEM charger can handle 300W, which usually amounts to 2 panels

What can my inverter run?

2,000 watt inverter translates to nearly 17 amps, connected to your refrigerator and nearly every outlet in and on your camper, providing many options for off-grid use.*
*On Transcend XPLOR - No Inverter is factory installed.

Can I run my refrigerator while driving with solar?

Yes.  Solar plus tow vehicle charging allows more than enough power to keep your food cool in a residential style refrigerator

Can I use any solar panel?

We recommend quality monocrystalline panels from our vendor, through Jaboni Power Products, which provide the most efficient power for the available*
*On Transcend XPLOR - We recommend the Furrion Monocrystalline solar panel.

Can I use multiple controllers if I want extra power?

Absolutely!  Multiple controllers can be installed in a parallel circuit to provide extra charging power to your batteries to support both 12V and 110V usage

Do I need to maintain my solar panels?

Keep them clean and scratch free and free from debris to maintain maximum charging power

If I want to add an inverter after the fact, is this possible?

Yes, an inverter, transfer switch and circuit panel will allow 110V access for outlets and your refrigerator. This should be done by a qualified technician due to the complexity of the wiring and need for an additional sub-panel.

How many batteries do I need to run solar?

A unit built with solar comes with 2 battery bays from the factory to provide space for 12V group 27 batteries

Can I add more batteries later?

Yes.  Simply make sure that your additional batteries are of the same type, whether it be lead-acid, AGM, or lithium

Do I have to do anything with my solar system before I plug into shore power?

No, your camper comes with an internal automatic transfer switch which will switch from battery power as soon as you plug in*
*On Transcend XPLOR - No, although it is good to shut off the solar charger when not in use.