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BLACK WATER Term associated with the sewage holding tank. The toilet drains directly into this tank.
BLUE BOY Also known as a honey pot. Refers to a portable waste holding tank that has wheels on one end. These tanks often are manufactured out of blue plastic, hence the nickname.
BOON DOCKING Also known as dry camping. Camping without electrical and water hookups.
BREAKAWAY SWITCH An electrical switch on trailers designed to engage the breaks in case the trailer breaks away from the tow vehicle. The switch is connected by a cable to the tow vehicle. Breakaway is detected when the switch cable is pulled out during vehicle separation.
BRAKE CONTROLLER A device (customer supplied) mounted under the dash of a towing vehicle to control the braking system of the RV. Most brake actuators are based on a time delay application; the longer the brakes are applied tighter the trailer brakes react
BRITISH THERMAL UNIT (BTU) Measurement of heat that is the quantity required to raise the temperature of one pound of water 1°F. RV air-conditioners and furnaces are BTU-rated.
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