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CAMBER (WHEEL ALIGNMENT) The number of degrees each wheel is off of vertical. Looking from the front, tops of wheels farther apart than bottoms means "positive camber". As the load pushes the front end down, or the springs get weak, camber would go from positive to none to negative (bottoms of wheels farther apart than tops).
CAMPER For purposes of this manual, this term refers to your fifth wheel RV.
CAMPING An outdoor recreational activity involving the spending of one or more nights in a tent, primitive structure or RV at a campsite with the purpose of getting away from civilization and enjoying nature.
CAMPSITE The term usually means an area where an individual or family might go camping.
CARBON MONOXIDE A colorless, odorless and poisonous gas.
CARGO WEIGHT The actual weight of all items added to the Curb Weight of the vehicle or trailer. This includes personal cargo, optional equipment, and tongue or king pin weight.
CARGO CARRYING CAPACITY (CCC) Equal to GVWR minus each of the following: UVW. full fresh (potable) water weight (including water heater), full propane weight and SCWR.
CITY WATER Term associated with the water supply you hook up to at the campsite. It is called city water because water is pulled from a central outside source (like a city) and not the fresh water tank.
CONDENSATION A result of warm moisture laden air contacting the cold window glass. Keeping a roof vent open helps to reduce the humidity levels. Added roof vent covers help to prevent cold air from dropping down through the vent while still allowing moist air to escape. Using the roof vent fan when showering or the stove vent fan when cooking also helps prevent excess moisture buildup.
CONVERTER A device that converts 120 volt A/C (alternating current) to 12 volt DC (direct current). The RV devices mostly run on 12 volt DC power that is supplied by the battery, which allows the RV to function independently. When "shore power" (an electrical supply) is available, the converter changes the voltage from 120 to 12 volt to supply the appliances and to recharge the battery.
CURB WEIGHT The actual weight of a vehicle or trailer, including all standard equipment, full fuel tanks, full fresh water tanks, full propane bottles, and all other equipment fluids, but before taking on any persons or personal cargo.
CURBSIDE This refers to the side of the camper that faces the curb when parked. Also referred to as the door side or DS.
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