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DC ELECTRICITY Direct current also known as auxiliary battery power. For purposes of this owner's manual, it refers to 12-volt DC (abbreviated 12 VDC).
DEALER For purposes of this manual, this refers to the independent dealer authorized to sell and/or service your camper by Grand Design RV. This term will be used in this context unless specified otherwise.
DINETTE Booth-like dining area. Table usually drops to convert unit into a bed at night.
DRAIN TRAP This is the curve that is in all drains. Water is trapped in the curve and creates a barrier so tank odors cannot escape through the drain.
DRY CAMPING Camping when there is no city water hookup or shore power (i.e., using only the water and power available in the camper and not from any other source).
DRY WEIGHT The actual weight of a vehicle or trailer containing standard equipment without fuel, fluids, cargo, passengers, or optional equipment.
DSI (Direct Spark Ignition) This term refers to the method of igniting the main burner on a propane fired appliance. The burner is lit with an electric spark and the flame is monitored by an electronic circuit board. This ignition system is used in refrigerators, furnaces and water heaters. There is now a version of stove tops that light the burners with a DSI ignition.
DUAL ELECTRICAL SYSTEM RV equipped with lights, appliances which operate on 12-volt battery power when self-contained, and with a converter, on 110 AC current when in campgrounds or with an onboard generator
DUALLY A truck having two wheels on each side of the rear axle for a total of four wheels
DUCTED A/C Air conditioning supplied through a ducting system in the ceiling. This supplies cooling air at various vents located throughout the RV.
DUCTED HEAT Warm air from the furnace supplied to various locations in the RV through a ducting system located in the floor. (similar to house heating systems).
DUMP STATION Site where you drain your gray water (waste) and your black water (sewage) tanks. In most states, it is illegal to drain your tanks anywhere except dump stations.
DUMP VALVE Another name for the T-handle valve used to release and drain the black tank (sewage) and gray tank (waste).
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