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GALLEY The kitchen in an RV.
GENERATOR An engine powered device fuelled by gasoline or diesel fuel, and sometimes propane, for generating 120-volt AC power.
GENSET Abbreviation for generator set.
GOOSENECK A trailer and hitch configuration connected to the tow truck directly above the rear axle by way of a standard ball hitch in the truck bed and a vertical, slender arm on front of the trailer. Gooseneck hitching is common on horse and utility trailers, but rarely found on RV's.
GRAY WATER Term associated with the waste water holding tank. Water from the sink drains, shower and washer/dryer (if so equipped) go into this tank.
GROSS AXLE WEIGHT RATING (GAWR) The MAXIMUM ALLOWABLE WEIGHT each axle assembly is designed to carry, as measured at the tires, therefore including the weight of the axle assembly itself. GAWR is established by considering the rating of each of its components (tires, wheels, springs, axle), and rating the axle on its weakest link. The GAWR assumes that the LOAD IS EQUAL ON EACH SIDE.
GROSS CARRYING CAPACITY (GCC) Means the maximum carrying capacity of your camper. The GCC is equal to the GVWR minus UVW. The GCC will be reduced by the weight of fresh water or other tanks, propane, occupants, personal items or dealer installed accessories.
GROSS COMBINED WEIGHT RATING (GCWR) The MAXIMUM ALLOWABLE COMBINED WEIGHT of the tow vehicle and attached towed vehicle. GCWR assumes that both vehicles have functioning brakes, with exceptions in some cases for very light towed vehicles, normally less than 1,500 pounds. (Check your tow vehicle's towing guide.)
GROSS TRAILER WEIGHT RATIING (GTWR) The MAXIMUM TOWED VEHICLE WEIGHT. Each component (receiver, drawbar, ball) of a ball-type hitch has its own rating. Some ball-type hitches have separate ratings when used with a weight distributing system.
GROSS VEHICLE WEIGHT RATING (GVWR) The MAXIMUM ALLOWABLE WEIGHT of the fully loaded vehicle, including liquids, passengers, cargo, and the tongue weight of any towed vehicle.
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