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SELF CONTAINED RV which needs no external electrical, drain or water hookup. Thus, it can park overnight anywhere. Of course, self-contained units can also hook up to facilities when at campgrounds.
SANITIZATION Refers to the camper's fresh water system that has been sanitized with chlorine bleach before use or after storage.
SHORELINE POWER CORD This is the electrical power cord that runs from the camper to the campsite shore power outlet.
SLEEPING CAPACITY WEIGHT RATING (SCWR) The manufacturer's designated number of sleeping positions multiplied by 154 pounds (70 kilograms).
SLIDEOUT A compartment added to an RV to increase interior space. It slides into the body during travel and slides out when parked.
SNOWBIRD Term for someone in a northern climate that heads "south" in winter months.
STINKY SLINKY Slang for the sewer hose, constructed from a spiral wire covered with vinyl. One end attaches to the RV piping and the other into the local sewer dump facilities
STREETSIDE The part of the vehicle on the street side when parked. (Also referred to as the off door-side or ODS.)
SURGE PROTECTOR Device (customer supplied) that is installed at the power supply location designed to prevent 'surges' or 'spikes' in electrical current that may damage the RV's electrical/electronic components.
SWAY Fishtailing action of the trailer caused by external forces that set the trailer's mass into a lateral (side-to-side) motion. The trailer's wheels serve as the axis or pivot point. Also known as "yaw."
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