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Momentum G-Class TT Construction

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Maximum Insulation

Thermal Roof Design (R-40)*

Fiberglass insulation and a layer of radiant foil insulation cover the roof. Grand Design goes further by extending both insulation layers the full length of the roof and around to the bottom of the front cap. 

Exclusive Combination!

Full Laminated Walls (R-7)*

Sidewalls, ramp door, slideroom endwalls, and slideroom roof are all welded aluminum framed and laminated with rigid foam insulation.  Many others use wood framing and soft fiberglass insulation in the sliderooms that can settle over time and leave uninsulated air gaps.


Triple Insulated Main Floor (R-40)*

The underbelly is lined with a radiant foil insulation barrier (Layer 1) and is then covered with fiberglass insulation that wraps all the way up the sides of the frame rails (Layer 2).  The main floor enhances the R-Value with yet another layer of fiberglass insulation (Layer 3). 


Triple Insulated Garage Floor (R-40)*

While many toy hauler garage floors are NOT insulated, our exclusive garage floor design provides 3 layers of insulation.  A base layer of radiant foil insulation (Layer 1) is topped with fiberglass insulation (Layer 2), and finishes with a second layer of radiant foil insulation on the underside of the garage floor (Layer 3). 


Vented Attic

To maximize the effectiveness of the roof insulation, a vented attic allows condensation to escape the roof structure.

Maximum Functions

 30,000 BTU of Heating Power

A high performance furnace delivers the heat.

 Heated Underbelly & Storage Bay

To force heat into these compartments, dedicated heat ducts run to both the underbelly and storage bay.  The enclosed utility center with low point drains provides functional water systems even in extreme cold.

 Evenflow Heating System

Vertically mounted heat vents integrated into the cabinet bases, push hot air from front to back (rather than straight up). This also means that there are no heat vents in the middle of the floor to collect dirt and debris and that can be broken easily.

Momentum's design has been put to the test in extreme temperatures ranging from ZERO to 100+ degrees. Third party testing showed that the Momentum remained fully functional and retained comfortable temperatures. 


Every Grand Design RV is backed with a class leading 3-year limited structural warranty. By selecting suppliers with similar philosophies, many components used on our coaches also carry an extended warranty through the component manufacturer.

  • Floor Decking (25 Years)

  • Axles (5 Years)

  • Tire Warranty
    (5 Years w/ 12 Months no questions asked replacement)

  • Exterior Graphics (5 Years)

  • Roof Covering (18 Years)



101" Wide Body Chassis - Maximum garage space, deeper sliderooms, more livable floor space and space saving pocket doors into the bathrooms

Wide Rail Design - By locating the heavy duty 12” I-beam main rails further outward, more of the floor assembly/unit structure sits on the heart of the chassis instead of the outriggers. Wider rails also create a more stable jack stance, and allows for the slideroom gear mechanisms to be enclosed inside the frame rails (rather than outside). This solid design means that the garage area of every Momentum is rated for full GVWR capacity.

Ultra Quiet


Airguide Technology

Cool air is strategically guided through the ducts and forced out of the vents for maximum cooling efficiency.

Racetrack Ducting

True Racetrack Ducting extends past each A/C unit to allow for uninterrupted airflow from the front to the back of the coach. Regardless of which A/C is running, cool air is being circulated throughout the coach.

Typical Ducting

Typical Ducting provides partial airflow with very low cooling efficiency.