7 Reasons Why RV Owners Love RV Rallies—and You Should Too!

If you’ve just purchased your first RV, you may have heard word of RV rallies. Now, if you’re envisioning Sturgis but with RVs, it’s a good idea to dial it back a bit. There are fewer beards, less leather, and very few Harleys. Instead, RV rallies are organized events where RV enthusiasts can get together to share tips, food, stories, and drinks. Manufacturers, like Grand Design RV (GDRV), also host and attend these events, so you can see the latest models, technology, and innovations in the RV market. Rallies are part of what makes RV ownership such an incredible experience. 


A simple internet search can help you find rallies all over the country, there’s a good chance that there is an RV rally near you. Or, if you feel like taking your RV somewhere new, you can find one in a destination location.


If you haven’t attended an RV rally before, there are some things you should expect. We’ve outlined 7 of them below.

1. Rallies are a great chance to learn things about your RV


One of the top reasons RV owners attend these rallies is to gather information. There’s a lot to learn when you first get into RVing, so it is helpful to have the opportunity to speak to manufacturers and experienced RV owners about how to operate and maintain your home away from home.


There are numerous people available at these events to help you answer questions like how to best set up or tear down your RV, or the best methods for leveling your RV at your campsite. You can speak to representatives from the manufacturers or other owners, so that by the time you take your RV to its first campsite, you have all the information you need.

2. Discounts from vendors


Another reason to attend an RV rally is to get discounts from vendors. These discounts range from applying to local campsites, to RV parts and accessories. You’ll often find great deals on campsites at these events, so it’s smart to attend one to save on your next adventure.


There are also activities that may entitle you to other discounts. For example, there are often safe driving courses organized by insurance companies that, when completed, make you eligible for a discount on your RV or auto insurance—in addition to making you safer on the road.


When you arrive at your first rally, explore the vendors and participate in the activities. You never know what kind of discounts you might find or useful information you might gather.

3. Onsite Emergency


Attending a rally is a fun and convenient way to get your RV checked out if it is an onsite emergency or recall. Manufacturers and service providers come to these events to perform qualifying emergency services.

At the Grand Design National Rally, full service requests are accepted. The service technicians are very helpful and excited to participate in these large events. So, if you are planning your next trip, attending the National Rally in Elkhart, IN is a great way to kill two birds with one stone - take a trip and have your RV serviced at the same time. You can also lean on the manufacturers and service providers for more information about your RV.

4. Free swag from manufacturers


It may sound silly, but people love all of the free swag they can get from RV manufacturers and other brands at rallies. 


Generally manufacturers try to pick swag that’s going to be useful or helpful for the RV lifestyle.

For example, if you registered to attend the most recent Grand Design National RV Owners Rally, your swag bag would have a quality beach bag, two pens and notebook, Grand Blend coffee roasted locally in Goshen, Indiana, metal camping mugs, ponchos, chocolate, a bamboo USA Grand Design cutting board, and some comfortable face masks.


Swag bags will vary from rally to rally, and manufacturer to manufacturer but you’ll almost always walk away with some useful freebies

5. Meeting like-minded people


One of the main reasons people from all over the country attend RV rallies is to meet like-minded people, and become part of the RV-ing community. Rallies are a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and chat about RVs, camping, adventures, and best practices—all while enjoying great food and cold drinks. The RV community is a key part of the RV lifestyle.


There’s a comforting sense of camaraderie at these events. Everyone is friendly and eager to meet the other attendees, share RV tips, and ultimately have a good time. It’s also fun to see other people’s RV configurations. After all, everyone camps differently.


If you just bought an RV and want to discuss it with people who share your interests, look no further than an RV rally.

6. It’s a great chance to raise money for charity


RV rally organizers often have a charitable cause in mind while planning their events. While there are a lot of reasons for hosting an RV rally, organizers often use the opportunity to raise significant funds for their cause.


While it’s nice to get swag and discounts, many people in the RV community prefer that their participation in the event serve a greater purpose than simple pleasures. It just goes to show that RV owners are passionate about their communities. They are truly some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

7. To have fun


Last but not least, people attend RV rallies because, quite frankly, they are fun. It’s not just vendors, manufacturers, service providers, and other RV owners that make these events enjoyable. They also have entertainment and activities.


Small and large rallies alike will almost always have entertainment planned for the evenings so guests can have a good time. This entertainment is included with your admission price.

When you buy a Grand Design RV, we encourage you to attend one of our regional rallies so you can take advantage of the full Grand Design experience. Whether you’re after good deals, good food, or good company, there is something for everyone.


We hope to see you at a Grand Design RV rally soon. Click here to find a GDRV rally near you.