This past year, we celebrated 10 years of business at Grand Design RV. In this time, we’ve experienced staggering growth, industry evolutions and continual change. As we consider the decade, we are most proud to say that our compass still points north. Our people are still led by the values on which this company was built. Our focus remains, “Customers for Life.”


We invite you to take a look into our evolution through this video timeline of the Grand Design RV company journey.    

Attention To Detail Makes The Difference!

Just because everyone else is doing it, doesn’t make it the right way.  We do a lot of things differently at Grand Design RV and our construction is no exception.  Following are just a few of the ways in which we construct our coaches differently, to build a better RV:

Laminated Aluminum Framed Construction
Our sidewalls are laminated aluminum framed, but we didn’t stop there like many other manufacturers do…We also laminate the rear wall, and the sidewalls and roof of every slideroom.  You can feel the difference!


Wood Truss Framed Roof
Residential style wood trusses, spaced 16” on center, provide the foundation for a full walk on roof.  Wood framing provides better screw retention than traditional aluminum trusses, and it eliminates the metal on metal connection to the aluminum framed sidewalls.  Wood also has better insulative values to help keep you comfortable.


TPO Roof Covering
Seamless 1-piece roof covering won’t streak or chalk like traditional rubber roofs and features a 12-year warranty. 


Racetrack Ducting
To ensure the most efficient cooling possible, we use an exclusive racetrack ducting system that extends past each A/C unit to allow for uninterrupted airflow from the front to the back of the coach (Available on Reflection, Solitude and Momentum)


Fully Enclosed Underbelly | Our fully enclosed underbelly’s are insulated and have a dedicated heat duct to ensure the best protection from the elements.


Heavy Duty Tires
We use heavy duty tires that are filled with Nitrofill™ for maximum lifespan.  These tires are also backed by a 5-year warranty.


Class Leading Pass Through Storage
Huge pass through storage bays are a hallmark at Grand Design RV.  We have strategically designed our plumbing and electrical wiring around the storage area to ensure maximum usable storage space.


Ductless Flooring
Heat vents are discretely hidden in the bases of the cabinets, unlike traditional floor vents that trap dirt and debris.


Aluminum Entry Steps
High end aluminum steps won’t rust or bind like traditional steel steps.


3-Year Limited Structural Warranty
Class leading construction deserves a class leading warranty.


100% PDI Inspection | We put every Grand Design unit through a series of quality inspection gates during the manufacturing process.  Once completed, the unit undergoes a comprehensive final finish inspection.  From here, most manufacturers ship their units on to the dealer for retail sale.  Not Grand Design…Every one of our units are shipped to a separate PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) facility where they are again put through a 250+ point inspection.  It is only after this that we deem a unit ready to ship to our dealers.


Service Operations: Passion, Commitment, Dedication, Success

Grand Design is fully committed to assuring a positive ownership experience for our valued customers. Our “Toolbox for Success” includes the following:

Experienced & Trained Professional Customer Support Team | Our Customer Support Team is focused on working directly with our owners to drive concern resolution on a timely basis, supported by an advanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software platform.

Mobile Technical Support Team | This team is designed to supplement dealer service efforts with onsite visits, remote repair capability & Owner Rally support.


Sight Call Live Diagnostic Support | One-on-One live video calls to aid in problem diagnosis, repair instruction, part identification and document sharing to shorten the repair process.

Priority Overnight Shipping | Provided on all in-stock service parts in “Unit Down” situations.


Accu-Fast Service Parts Support Program | This is a partnership program with NTP-STAG to leverage their vast distribution network for next day delivery of critically needed parts to positively impact Repair Event Cycle Times.


Technical Owners Forum | This forum is a social platform moderated by Grand Design owners to answer technical questions relative to RV use and operation.


SafeRide RV Support Hotline | Our SafeRide RV Support Hotline is available  24/7 to provide roadside assistance so you can travel with peace of mind.

The Customer Service Team is fully committed to assuring our owners' complete satisfaction as a member of the Grand Design family! We appreciate the opportunity to prove it every day!