3 Dogs, 3 Bikes, 4 Adults x 1 MAV = The Perfect Weekend

How a trailer “first-timer” became the “talk of the show”


Corey B. grew up fixing cars with his father and spent his summers showing off the “81 Camaro they lovingly rebuilt at car shows throughout Indiana.


Bitten by the bug and attracted by the social side of meeting people with a shared enthusiasm for fixing cars and bikes in the winter and showing them off throughout the summer at shows and rallies. Corey now spends his summer weekends showing one of the three bikes he has rebuilt; an ‘81 Suzuki GS 550, a 2021 Royal Enfield Classic 350, and a Suzuki Van Man at shows close to home in Indiana and as far afield as Colorado.


Most weekends he’s restricted to taking just one of his prized bikes to a show with his small trailer, but last summer he convinced his team at Grand Design RV (Corey works here)  to lend him the Momentum M.A.V 27 Toy Hauler trailer so he could put all three bikes in the back and show them all off at once.


Corey didn't grow up camping or RVing and his trip to the Moon Pie Vintage Car Rally last August was his first experience using a trailer. 


It was a revelation.


Not someone to do things halfway, Corey loaded the M.A.V’s garage up with his three bikes and his truck up with his three dogs and for good measure invited three friends to join him for a weekend of riding, sharing, and hanging out.


When they weren’t riding and showing the bikes, Corey and his companions spent the weekend hanging out in the garage entertaining some of the 300 show attendees, while the dogs slept happily under the awning, and when things got too hot in the Indiana August heat they would run through the garage into the air conditioned living area to cool down.


“The M.A.V became as much a talking point as the bikes.”


Corey loves vintage bike and car shows because “Everyone there is passionate. They’ve put hours of effort into their bike or vehicle and love the opportunity to talk about their work and also the work you have done. It’s just a great atmosphere and a great group of people.”


But this time, at least, the M.A.V got people talking as much as the bikes. Putting together such a large entourage in comfort and having the ability to entertain visitors in the garage in comfort was a game changer.


“Before the M.A.V, I would take one bike to each show and would typically stay off-site and show the bike under a small awning in the heat of the day.”


“With the M.A.V I was able to take all my bikes, and a bunch of great friends. I didn’t have to kennel my dogs for the weekend or pay for a hotel room or Airbnb.” 


“It was not only a cheaper way to go, but frankly, way more fun, even more social, and just easier all around.”


“The M.A.V totally handled everything we threw at it. With enough space to store all the food, drinks, and snacks we needed and the flexibility to sleep four adults and three dogs in cool comfort.”


“Knowing we can take everyone with us means we can consider shows much farther afield. Our weekends will never be the same again.”