Momentum drives record sales for Grand Design RV

Momentum drives record sales for Grand Design RV

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GRAND DESIGN RECREATIONAL VEHICLE COMPANY exceeds 15,000 retail sold in Momentum Fifth Wheel (FW) Toy Haulers.


Since the product’s launch in 2013, the Momentum FW has raised the bar and set new expectations in the luxury segment of the toy hauler market. Driven by customer demand, the Momentum brand has extended its offering to include the Momentum, M-Class and G-Class Fifth Wheels and Travel Trailers.


Recently, Statistical Surveys reported that Momentum Fifth Wheels surpassed the 15,000 milestone in retail registrations and are ranked the #1-selling toy hauler Fifth wheel in North America. Moreover, the Momentum brand is ranked #1 in its class and continues to outpace competitors. This announcement marks the third monumental sales achievement Grand Design has earned in the calendar year.


The celebration, however, extends beyond the luxury toy hauler segment. The Momentum Travel Trailer continues to grow in popularity, broadening the company’s consumer base and reach. Lance Lees, Product Manager for the Momentum brand, notes two key components contributing to the Momentum brand’s success, "Our relentless pursuit of quality craftsmanship and our ability to quickly respond and adapt to consumer’s needs has propelled this line to the top of its class,” says Lees. “Our motto in the production plant is, ‘Quality is not an option, it’s standard in everything we do.’”


“For example, when developing a newer Fifth Wheel model, the 395MS, we listened to our customer’s feedback who wanted better-opposed seating, expanded kitchen areas with access to the bedroom and bathroom,” continues Lees. “As standard for all Grand Design brands, we invite our owners and enthusiasts to share opinions to drive change. Their input is pivotal to all brands’ current success and future innovation."


Regarding the product’s development and growth, Don Clark, President and CEO of Grand Design, added, “We wanted to expand the brand’s appeal to include customers that don’t necessarily have toys but value the flexibility to customize their space. We are truly humbled by the market’s overwhelming response to the Momentum brand. Congratulations to Lance Lees and our entire Momentum team – their hard work and creativity are what we celebrate today” added Clark. 


The milestone was commemorated by a luncheon celebration with all plant members and management in attendance.