The Annual Grand Design National Rally

More Community & Family


Education and community, the two words you will experience the most while attending our Grand Design RV National Owners Rally.

Located in Elkhart County, the RV Capital of the World, you can find 1,200+ Grand Design family members all gathering at home-base for four days of learning, sharing and celebrating. The event, held annually the week before Labor Day, is owner planned and driven. Registration typically opens for the event the first week of April and sells out quickly. 


Seminars, tours, food, crafts, camp GDRV - kids club, vendors and more, will all be present to make this week an unforgettable one. Along with the endless activities and opportunities, our National Owners Rally is the only rally where our Grand Design Service Techs will be on-site allowing service requests to be completed.


In addition to the National Rally Grand Design owners host over 30 plus regional rallies all over North America a year. Each of these events are a unique variation of the National Rally all planned by volunteer owners called Wagonmasters who plan an organize these events with one purpose, the Grand Design lifestyle. You can find these individual events by checking out the Official Rally Calendar.


Load up your home, come and park it where strangers become family and let the adventures begin!