Experience Revolutionary ABS Braking Technology with a Grand Design

Our Cutting-Edge Commitment to Innovation

Revolutionary ABS Braking Technology

Grand Design takes safety and innovation to a new level with Anti-Lock Braking Technology (ABS) on select models, a first in the North American RV Industry. The innovative technology provides maximum stopping power, improved braking stability, and increased braking control for travel trailer and fifth-wheel owners. With the cutting-edge ABS Braking Technology, you can experience a smoother and safer ride every time.


The ABS braking system comes standard on Imagine XLS, Imagine, and Reflection Travel Trailers and Fifth Wheels (100 Series excluded), as well as on Solitude, Influence, and Momentum Toy Hauler Travel Trailers and Fifth Wheels.


To learn more about the ABS System featured in Imagine, Reflection, and Momentum G-Class Travel Trailers, click here. For further insights into the Tow Assist ABS & Sway Mitigation System in Momentum Fifth Wheels, Influence, and Solitude brands, click here.

Safety and Security


Safety and security are our top priorities when it comes to trailer towing. Our ABS Braking Technology helps ensure the safety of drivers and passengers by providing maximum stopping power and control on the road. Our industry partnerships provide the latest and most advanced braking technology to help you stay safe while on the road.

Key Features + Benefits


ABS is a revolutionary advancement that ensures the smooth and secure operation of your Grand Design Fifth Wheel, Toy Hauler, or Travel Trailer. Here are three key features and four benefits that make ABS Technology the right choice.


  • Multi-Axle Capability - It can accommodate many axles using a single control unit. So, whether you have a small trailer or a huge RV, this technology can take care of all.
  • Advanced Sensing Technology - It can detect potential wheel lock-up situations by monitoring individual wheel speeds and adjusting braking pressure accordingly, ensuring safety and stability.
  • Self-diagnostic Capability - In case of any fault with the system, it produces an error code that can be read by a technician, saving time and money during maintenance and repairs.
  • Easy Installation - Designed for ease of installation, it saves both time and money during installation.


Enhanced Safety - The ABS technology ensures you can maintain steering control under heavy braking by reducing wheel lock-up and skidding.

Reduced Braking Distance - The technology automatically adjusts the braking pressure for each wheel, reducing the stopping distance and allowing you to avoid accidents.

Improved Durability - The technology reduces the wear and tear on brake pads and other components, saving you money on maintenance and replacements.

Achieve Peace of Mind - With ABS Technology, you can relax and enjoy your actual adventure with the confidence of having a reliable and effective safety feature in place.

Grand Design's market-leading models are now equipped with revolutionary ABS Braking Technology standard. Our brands are designed to provide the highest quality and most reliable technology in the RV industry so you can enjoy your ride for years to come.