Our Commitment.

Since our beginning in 2012, we have had the mission to build a better RV and a better RV company. Everything we do and every product we build revolves around our customers with the goal to create a superior RV experience. We back up this commitment to quality with first-class service and the industry's most comprehensive and trusted warranties. 


Simply put, we stand behind every RV we make.


In the spirit of our commitment to our customers, we would like to provide information around frame flex. Frame flex is a normal movement of the chassis in specific areas to absorb shock and stress. Our data indicates that a small number of larger Solitude and Momentum fifth wheels may have experienced excessive frame flex. If you think you are experiencing something irregular with your frame, please see the FAQ below, and reach out to our customer service department at customerservice@granddesignrv.com or (574) 825-9679.


As noted above, frame flex is a normal movement of the chassis in specific areas to absorb shock and stress.  All steel frames have this flex. Similar to bridges, which are engineered to flex and bend to absorb the weight of vehicles and changing weather conditions, your RV chassis is engineered with the ability to flex as it is driven down the road. Without this flex, undue stress on the frame could damage the chassis or wall structures.

This can vary depending on the section of the frame, where the measurements are taken, the length and weight of the unit, the number of axles, and how the fifth wheel is loaded.  Due to this range of variables, measurements are specific to each unit. If you have concerns please work with a dealership, a trained technician, or call Grand Design directly at (574) 825-9679.

As part of our product development process for new models, we partner with our frame supplier and an independent third party for rigorous durability testing. This testing includes but is not limited to loading the units to full capacity and towing over unlevel ground at typical travel speed for excessive periods of time and distance. Upon return to the factory, the units are disassembled and analyzed for structural damage or concerns.

Numerous factors may contribute to excessive frame flex, including:

  • Road Impacts
  • Collisions
  • Loading and weight distribution
  • Use of unapproved hitches or pin boxes
  • Competing suspension (chucking) between the tow vehicle and the fifth wheel
  • Using a non-traditional tow vehicle
  • Manufacturing variations

Please check your owner’s manual for weight limits and approved hitches and pin boxes for your unit.

If you see any of the following, please call the customer service line at Grand Design at 1-855-879-4746:

  • Cracking near the corners of your upper deck slide opening
  • Separation of interior/ exterior panels
  • Separation of structures from the wall located in the upper deck

When you call customer service, please be ready with the following information:

  • The full name under which the unit is registered
  • VIN Number
  • Description of the issue with any pictures you may have
  • Your current location
  • Location of the unit

DISCLAIMER: This communication is for informational purposes only and may not apply to all situations, as every customer and vehicle is different. Please contact our customer service department for information specific to your vehicle.