The Story Behind Bass_Queen83

Four years ago, Edie Wilkinson participated in her first bass fishing competition, and after a day of lost fish and frustration, she buckled and gave up. With the clocking ticking and only 45 minutes left in the competition, her fishing partner said, " try one more time…


Before entering her first bass fishing competition, Edie was dealing with the crushing weight of losing her spouse. For two years after his death, she was adrift and numb to the world – to the degree that she remembers most of those two years through a fog.


However, as is the way with life, it kept moving on, with or without her, and that (and an invitation from a loyal friend) led Edie to bass fishing. As a woman in a predominantly male sport with only four years of fishing experience beneath her belt, Edie has had to learn a lot in a very short time. Even so, days spent on the water and her commitment to participating in bass fishing competitions have made her a fierce competitor in the angler arena.


So, like most anglers, she needed a place to show off the impressive fish she kept reeling in and decided to start an Instagram account. Little did she know that sharing her catches would lead to an Instagram account with over 20,000 followers, many of whom are female anglers looking for community. Turns out, women like to fish.


Moreover, many of her followers aren’t just drawn to the fish she catches. Edie has made it a point to be open and transparent on her Instagram page, sharing her wins and struggles with fish and life. Her sincerity results in thousands of people who have found comfort and connection through fish. Yes…fish. 


Her message is simple: everybody can chase a dream they never thought possible. With that at the crux of her message, she has tried to push her boundaries. Her motto is to say ‘yes,’ even if it seems scary, new, or out of her capabilities. It has helped her to grow and evolve in ways she never thought possible.


So, what happened with that first competition?


Edie said yes for the first time in 2 years. She mustered her resolve, got up, and tried one more time. She then proceeded to catch four large bass in 45 minutes to go on to win the competition with her fishing partner.


Edie isn’t just an angler but also an employee at GDRV. She is among the many people we proudly name as part of our team. Our community doesn’t just include GDRV owners, but it also includes our employees – ones just like Edie. They are the people behind the scenes, the people behind your RV, who, like you, are at the heart of what makes us more than a community – they are part of what makes us a family.

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