3 Things to Expect From Grand Design RV’s First Motorized Lineup

This summer, we at Grand Design couldn’t be more excited to launch our very first motorized RV series: Lineage. All the quality you’ve loved from Grand Design towables is woven into our fresh take on Class C and Class B RVs. Lineage is the chance to live a life worth looking back on. And with that spirit in mind, here are three things you can look forward to with the new Lineage line. 


The Motivation to Drive Your Story Forward

There’s a reason our first motorized line is called “Lineage,” not heritage. Heritage and history depend on looking backward, while lineage faces forward. Your lineage is the story of your life that you leave behind for the next generation to cherish. We couldn’t think of a more apt name for the vehicle that helps you live a great life story and make memories that last beyond a lifetime. 

And it’s not just the name. The design and innovation that are built into each and every Lineage RV are enough to get you inspired to go motorized. Step inside and you’ll see how the of-the-moment, yet timeless design instantly feels like you and is ready for you to add your own personal touches. The features in every single area are designed to surprise and delight. “Oh, I love that,” is what we aim to hear when you discover all the little touches that make Lineage great. And a great RV is all the inspiration you need to go out and enjoy the world around you.


Flexibility and Friendships

Behind the scenes, we’ve meticulously studied the market and how families, solo travelers, friends, and partners are using and loving motorized RVs. One of the most beloved aspects of Class B and Class C RV motorhomes are their maneuverability and flexibility. It’s not just the simplicity of not having to tow, but also the fact that you can hop in your Lineage to go to the grandparents’ house a few hours away, or pile in for a soccer game (tailgate while you’re at it).


And as a Lineage owner, you’ll automatically join a thriving community of Grand Design RV owners around the U.S. From rallies where you can get to know each other in the great outdoors to connections that you’ll make via social media, some life-changing and life-long friendships are in store for you. You’ll be welcomed with open arms.


The Quality Grand Design Stands For

If we had to pick one thing we will never compromise on, it’s quality. It’s in the choices we make, starting all the way back at which chassis to build on and how we can maximize each and every floor plan. 


Starting summer 2024, take a factory tour and you’ll see all the ways – both big and small – that our commitment to quality drives us to improve and innovate on how RVs are built. Most RV companies “spot-check” quality – which means they pull out one RV from each “batch” to test and represent quality (for the whole batch). But you don’t buy a batch of RVs; you just need one. That’s why we send every single Grand Design RV through a 300 point pre-delivery inspection. Your exact RV will be examined thoroughly and carefully by experts who don’t answer to productivity goals. That means they’re only motivated to get the job done right, every single time. 


Long after your motorhome is finished, your relationship with Grand Design will still be going strong. We make it our mission to surround you with unparalleled service and support, so that any interruptions on you going out and living your absolute best life in your RV are minimized. That’s why Grand Design RVers come back for their next RV time and time again.


If you’ve been considering going motorized, and all you needed were a few good reasons to take the leap, you’ll find plenty of them in the new Lineage line. It’s everything you need to make your life story a great grand one. If you haven’t already, sign up to be the first to get all the info on Lineage as soon as it launches.