Models Starting at $118,410

Four season comfort without the front lobby

At home, anywhere. 

If you're looking for more room, Solitude is the most spacious Extended Stay Fifth Wheel ever built. Taller ceilings, bigger cabinets, and a sweeping scenic window all make the Solitude a dream that you wake up to as long as you like.

101" Wide Body Chassis

A full 5” wider than many coaches in its class, the widebody chassis allows for more livable floor space with deeper sliderooms, wider sofas in rear lounge models, and space saving sliding pocket doors into the bathrooms…all at a shorter towing length.

No Wheel Wells

A true toy hauler with no wheel wells to maximize cargo option. Not to mention more floor space for camping.

Dovetail Entry

Dovetails ensure you have a longer ramp and softer angle for loading your toys.

Wide Rail Design

Heavy duty I-beam main rails are placed further outward on the chassis. This wider rail placement provides a more stable jack stance, and allows for the slideroom gearpacks to be enclosed inside the frame rails (rather than outside).

When it comes to suspension performance, it’s all about suspension travel. Increased travel means smoother towing, improved towability and better protection from damaging road shock.

Chip Guard: Protects from chips or cuts

Scrub Guard: Minimizes wear from starts, stops, tight turns and curb impacts.

Travel with Confidence.

Industry-first Anti-lock Braking System for Towables.

Experience the most advanced braking system for RVs on the market today. The ABS combines all the critical components of a vehicle-based braking system, such as its sensors and actuators—adapted to operate independently within RVs—to provide the driver with added control over steering while braking in slippery conditions or on rough terrain.

Run THREE 15K ACs at the SAME TIME!

We combine high efficiency AC’s and an energy management system to achieve the perfect balance of efficiency and power!

Add an Optional 3rd AC for Maximum Cooling Power!


Up to 2x Quieter than the competition


Dual 15,000 BTU A/Cs and an optional 3rd A/C


All duct pieces are securely fastened together using special connector brackets.



Camp longer and in more places with the factory-installed 330W Roof Mounted Solar Panel, 50 AMP Charge Controller with Bluetooth Module, Inverter Prep, (2) USB Dock Ports, and 20 cu. ft. 12V Refrigerator standard on all Solitude's. No camping spot is off-limits. Just add batteries and go. Camp where you want, when you want*.


Solar Panel

50 AMP
Charge Controller

20 cu. ft.

*We may have gotten a little excited, please camp safely.  Follow all laws and abide by no trespassing signs, you know what we mean.

Thermal Roof Design (R-40)*
Fiberglass insulation and a layer of radiant foil insulation cover the roof. Grand Design goes further by extending both insulation layers the full length of the roof and around to the bottom of the front cap. To maximize the effectiveness of the insulation, a vented attic allows condensation to escape the roof structure.
Fully Laminated Walls (R-11)*
Sidewalls, rear wall, slideroom endwalls and slideroom roof are all welded aluminum framed and laminated with rigid foam insulation. Many others use wood framing and soft fiberglass insulation in the rear wall and sliderooms that can settle over time and leave uninsulated air gaps.
Triple Insulated Main Floor (R-45)*
The underbelly is lined with a radiant foil insulation barrier (Layer 1) and then covered with fiberglass insulation (Layer 2). The main floor enhances the R-Value with yet another layer of fiberglass insulation (Layer 3).