Models Starting at $40,188

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Light on weight, not substance, the Imagine XLS features floorplans starting at under 5,000-pounds. XLS pairs perfectly with even more of today's medium-duty trucks and SUVs, without the compromise that other manufacturers feel forced to make in pursuit of lighter weight.

Imagine XLS’s design has been put to the test in extreme temperatures ranging from a frigid 15 degrees to a scorching 100 degrees. Third party extreme testing showed that the Imagine XLS remained functional and achieved very comfortable temperatures.


A high performance, high efficient furnace delivers maximum heating power throughout the entire unit.


Heated and Enclosed Underbelly with Suspended Tanks

Heated and Enclosed Dump Valves

Designated Heat Duct to Subfloor

Roof Attic Vent

Note:  Testing was performed in a temperature controlled chamber, with temperatures ranging from -6°F to +101°F, and does not account for variables such as wind, humidity, and altitude. Due to the number of potential variables, temperatures reported during testing may differ from temperatures achieved during actual use of the unit in nature.