Models Starting at $49,300

Create More Memories, Spend Less: Transforming Family Adventures

The Perfect Union of Luxury and Value!

Reflecting a perfect union of luxury and value, the Reflection 100 Series takes the half-ton towable fifth-wheel RV experience to unprecedented levels. Engineered with meticulous attention to the towing capacities of today's half-ton trucks, these RVs ensure safe and effortless towing, allowing you to navigate with reassuring stability and power. Despite their competitive pricing, they astonish with the wealth of high-end features packed inside. Your on-road living experience is enriched by a kitchen fitted with premium appliances that seamlessly blend with the elegance of a residential-styled interior. The interiors are resplendently spacious, mirroring the comfort and style of a modern home, making your travels not merely journeys but a mobile extension of your home life. In the Reflection 100 Series, we've fused affordability with an unparalleled level of comfort to enhance your adventures on the road.

Reflection’s design has been put to the test in extreme temperatures ranging from ZERO to 100+ degrees. Third party extreme cold testing showed that the Reflection remained functional and achieved very comfortable temperatures. 


A high performance furnace and fireplace combine to deliver 30,000 BTU's or more of heating power.


Heated Holding Tanks and Enclosed Low Point Drains

Heated Utility Center and Storage Bay

Dual Attic Vents

Enclosed Gate Valves

Thermostatically Controlled 12V Tank Heater

Note:  Testing was performed in a temperature controlled chamber, with temperatures ranging from -6°F to +101°F, and does not account for variables such as wind, humidity, and altitude. Due to the number of potential variables, temperatures reported during testing may differ from temperatures achieved during actual use of the unit in nature.

When it comes to suspension performance, it’s all about suspension travel. Increased travel means smoother towing, improved towability and better protection from damaging road shock.