Which Grand Design Model is Right for You?

At Grand Design RV, we design and manufacture the complete range of trailers and fifth wheels, each with its own unique features and specifications, ensuring that there is a perfect travel trailer for every person, pocket, and pursuit.


With that said, the question we hear most often from people looking into RVs from Grand Design for the first time is always, “But where do I start?


Well…start here... and let us guide you to the right vehicle for you and your crew. In under five minutes, you’ll have a good handle on which models to explore in more detail…and keep reading to the end for our recap of the key considerations for any new buyer.

Designed by adventurers for adventurers.


Grand Design is known for pioneering designs with different types of travelers in mind. From those looking for compact luxury to those needing ample space for family and gear, Grand Design has you covered with numerous floorplans featuring spacious bathrooms, private master suites, flexible bunkhouses, and well-appointed entertainment areas.


But first, there’s a key decision to make.


How do I choose between a Travel Trailer and a Fifth Wheel?


At a high level, if you prioritize stability for long-distance travel, luxury, and spaciousness, a fifth wheel might be the right choice. 


However, if you are after versatility, budget-friendliness, and compatibility with a variety of everyday and tow vehicles, a travel trailer will likely better suit your needs. 


With that said, let’s dig in. If you’re in the market for a travel trailer, start here;


Travel Trailers:

Our Travel Trailers are versatile and popular due to the range of sizes and prices offered to accommodate everyone, from solo travelers to large families and their pets.


  • Transcend Xplor: Known for its spacious bathrooms, private master suites, flexible bunkhouses, and optimal entertainment areas. This is one for the entertainer at heart. Transcends are also highly towable RVs many under 8,000 pounds, with lengths ranging from 24’11” to 37’03” and starting at under $30,000.


  • ImagineXLS and AIM: Compact one and two axle trailers that offer luxury features like a queen-sized bed, optional theater seating, and spacious living areas, with all but the longest under 8,000 lbs. They range from 17’11” to 36’11” in length. Ideal for the solo or adventure traveler. Prices start from less than $32,000.


  • Reflection: Offers comfort and luxury without compromising on space, storage, or style. Light in weight, heavy in luxury. The five floorplans are ideal for small to mid-size families or couples, these travel trailers are under 9,500 lbs. and range from 33’10” to 37’11” in length. Prices from under $70K.

Fifth Wheels:

Grand Design fifth-wheel trailers combine the convenience of a towable RV with a U-shaped truck bed-mounted hitch to provide both comfort and stability during travel. 


They typically run larger and more spacious than travel trailers and are owned by travelers in it for the long haul and the long stay.


  • Reflection and Reflection 100 and 150 Series: Spacious, stylish, and flexible, designed to be towed safely an effortlessly with a half-ton truck. They stay under 11,000 lbs. and range from 26’11’” to 35’ in length. Consider Reflection your affordable home from home base for family adventure. Prices start at under $51K.


  • Influence: New this year, Influence strikes the balance between affordability and true luxury, with all the space of Solitude and welcome features like electric automatic leveling and two air conditioners as standard. Starting at 34’5” and under $95K.


  •  Solitude fifth wheels combine luxury, functionality, and durability, making them an excellent choice for discerning RV enthusiasts seeking a comfortable and stylish all-season, extended stay home on wheels. Designs for a residential feel with sweeping scenic windows, all 18 floorplans feature high end finishes and quality materials with thoughtful design. Ranging from 15,000 lbs and from 34’11”  to 41ft. Prices start at under $120K.

Toy Haulers:

Toy Haulers are for people who take their “fun” seriously. They have become extremely popular in recent years as adventurous outdoor enthusiasts who want to bring along their “toys” (such as ATVs, motorcycles, kayaks, bicycles, or other large gear) while traveling and camping have demanded vehicles built with their pursuits in mind. 


Unlike traditional RVs, toy haulers have a versatile rear garage that provides ample space for storing recreational equipment…and can also sleep a whole pit crew or double up as an office when needed.


Toy haulers also offer spacious living areas for extended stays. Whatever you are “on to,” or “up to” the Grand Design Momentum series of Toy Haulers has something for you.


With fifth-wheel or travel trailer options, the Momentum series offers luxury, functionality, and access to adventure.


  • Momentum M.A.V: With a great sound package and factory fitted 180W roof mounted solar package as standard this travel trailer  is a great option for those who want a quality toy hauler that’s ready for adventure and equipped to handle the demands of outdoor activities and gear storage at a great price. Staring at under $40K and 26’6” in length.


  • Momentum G Class Travel Trailer: This travel trailer toy hauler is lighter without sacrificing comfort or spaciousness. Tall ceilings and slide-outs blend luxury accommodations and an on-the-road travel garage. Starting at under $62K and a compact 26’11.”


  • Momentum G Class Fifth Wheel: Stepping up in space and luxury, Comfortable living while out on the road is an understatement. Four-season living with solar package as standard to keep adventurous families out there longer. Staring at under $90K and 36’3”


  • Momentum M-Class Fifth Wheel series truly raises the bar when it comes to Toy Haulers. With plenty of space for taking it easy and a garage for leaving the mess, the M-Class was built for living well and playing hard. Staring st under $122K and 38’2” in length.


    Momentum Fifth Wheel. The ultimate Toy Hauler by which all others are judged…and found wanting. Luxury, versatlity and utility combined in one cutting-edge design. For the serious outdoor adventurer intent on making every trip unforgettable for all the right reasons. Starting at under $150K and 41’1”.

Now you know what different options Grand Design offers, here is a recap of five important factors to take into account as you make your choice;


  1. Towing Vehicle Compatibility:

    • Travel Trailers: These are typically towed by a bumper hitch, making them compatible with various tow vehicles, including SUVs and light trucks.


    • Fifth Wheels: Usually require a heavy-duty pickup truck with a fifth-wheel hitch. (Learn more here) Ensure your towing vehicle can handle the weight and hitch.


  2. Ease of Towing:

    • Fifth Wheels: Tend to tow better due to their design, which places more weight between the axles on the towing vehicle. This results in greater stability and security during travel. Travel Trailers may not be as stable as fifth wheels but offer more flexibility in terms of the kinds of towing vehicles you can use.


  3. Interior Space and Layout:

    • Travel Trailers: Come in various sizes and layouts, offering versatility for different camping scenarios. They are more budget-friendly and have simpler systems.


    • Fifth Wheels: Provide more spacious and luxurious living areas. Their raised front section extends over the truck bed, allowing for larger interiors and amenities like multiple bedrooms and bathrooms.


  4. Cost Comparison:

    • Purchase Price:

      • Travel Trailers: are more budget-friendly, ranging from $30,000 to $80,000.


      • Fifth Wheels: Tend to have a higher upfront cost, typically ranging from $40,000 to $150,000 or more due to their larger size and additional features.


    • Maintenance Costs:

      • Travel Trailers have lower maintenance costs due to their smaller size.


      • Fifth Wheels’ larger size and complexity may result in higher maintenance expenses.


  5. Resale Value:

    • Travel Trailers generally depreciate faster, potentially leading to a lower resale value over time.


    • Fifth Wheels hold their value better due to higher-end features and amenities.


Built by hand, here in Indiana, in the heart of the USA, Grand Design is “America’s getaway vehicle.” Whatever you are “on to” or “up to,” Grand Design has a versatile RV to take you there quickly, keep you there in comfort, and bring you back safely home, ready to plan your next adventurous getaway.


Ready to buy? Check out your local inventory here.