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NHTSA Recall Number: 18V-658

TC Recall Number: 2018-528

Date Released: 10/17/18

Units Affected: 2019 Reflection, Imagine & Transcend Fifth-Wheel & Travel Trailers With Dexter 4400# Axles

Build Dates: June 25, 2018 through August 14, 2018

VIN Range:
Reflection - 573FR2922K3409546 through 573FR3129K3409951 (non-sequential)
Imagine – 573TE3225K6612315 through 573TE3621K6613178 (non-sequential)
Transcend – 573TT3423K8801066 through 573TT3620K8801569 (non-sequential)

Summary: Dexter Axle has initiated a recall on their 4400# axles. On affected vehicles, the suspect axles could be missing the inner bearing race. As a result, the potential exists for premature bearing and/or hub failure that could lead to a loss of control resulting in a crash and personal injury.

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NHTSA Recall Number: 18V-637

TC Recall Number: 2018-520

Date Released: 10/8/18

Units Affected: 2019 Reflection 295RL Fifth-Wheels

Build Dates: July 25, 2018 through August 9, 2018

VIN Range: 573FR3420K3409753 through 573FR3421K3409969 (non-sequential)

Summary: On affected vehicles, the curb side (door side) exterior 110V receptacle (outlet) is wired incorrectly and does not provide ground-fault (GFI) protection. In the event of an electrical failure with an appliance and/or component plugged into the outlet there is the potential for electrical shock, increasing the risk of injury.

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NHTSA Recall Number: 18V-399

TC Recall Number: 2018-335

Date Released: 7/10/18

Units Affected: 2018-2019 Solitude Fifth-Wheels with Optional Outside Pullout Kitchen

Build Dates: October 26, 2017 through May 25, 2018

VIN Range: 573FS432XJ1110101 through 573FS422XK1112403 (non-sequential)

Summary: On affected vehicles, the LP gas supply line to the outside kitchen grill could potentially contact the underside of the grill. If contact were to occur when the grill is in use, the potential exists for heat damage to the LP supply line that could result in a LP gas leak and potential fire.

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NHTSA Recall Number: 17V-789

TC Recall Number: 2017-625

Date Released: 12/29/17

Units Affected: 2017-2018 Reflection & Imagine Travel Trailers

Build Dates: January 31, 2017 through August 25, 2017

VIN Range: Reflection: H3312557 through J3315600 (non-sequential)
VIN Range: Imagine: H6600754 through J6603924 & J5500002 through J5500146 (sequential)

Summary: On affected vehicles, the Lippert Components (LCI) “Smart Jack” power front tongue jack may extend or retract on its own if water enters through the touch pad and reaches the internal circuitry.

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NHTSA Recall Number: 17V-743

TC Recall Number: 2017-572

Date Released: 12/8/2017

Units Affected: 2018 Reflection 297RSTS Travel Trailers

Build Dates: September 1, 2017 through November 7, 2017

VIN Range: J3315711 through J3316802 (non-sequential)

Summary: On affected vehicles, the off-door side (street side) forward tire has insufficient clearance to the slide room ram in the retracted position.

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NHTSA Recall Number: 17V-620

TC Recall Number: 2017-479

Date Released: 10/23/2017

Units Affected: 2017 - 2018 Imagine Travel Trailers (All)

Build Dates: January 9, 2017 through August 15, 2017

VIN Range: H6600420 through J6604792

Summary: The Air Conditioner may have incorrectly installed wiring connectors in the 110V circuit.

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NHTSA Recall Number: 17V-271

TC Recall Number: 2017-225

Date Released: 5/15/2017

Units Affected: 2017-2018 Imagine Travel Trailers

Build Dates: 12/1/16 – 4/3/17

VIN Range: H6600065 – J6601893

Summary: Schwintek Slide Out Room Column Attachment Screw Shear

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NHTSA Recall Number: 16V-841

TC Recall Number: 2016-573

Date Released: 12/16/2016

Units Affected: 2015-2016 Momentum Toy Haulers and Solitude 379FL, 365DEN and 366DEN

Build Dates: 7/8/2014 - 8/31/2015

VIN Range: Momentum - F1102640 - G1104924, F1201300 - G1202194 and Solitude - F1102694 - G1105349

Summary: Exterior Roof Access Ladder Folding Hinge - "Top Hat" Sections May Have Defective Welds

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NHTSA Recall Number: 16V-717

TC Recall Number: 2016-496

Date Released: 10/28/2016

Units Affected: 2015-2017 Reflection FW Models 357BHS and 367BHS

Build Dates: 11/12/2014 - 9/22/2016

VIN Range: F3301786 - H3310370

Summary: Incorrect Fed Label Information (GAWR)

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NHTSA Recall Number: 16V-355

TC Recall Number: 2016-241

Date Released: 6/6/2016

Units Affected: 2016-2017 Reflection Fifth Wheels & Reflection Travel Trailers and Imagine Travel Trailers

Build Dates: 1/15/16 - 5/4/16

VIN Range: G3306600 - H3308256 and G3401435 - H3402004

Summary: Possible Defective 2-Stage LP Regulator

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NHTSA Recall Number: 15V-822

TC Recall Number: N/A

Date Released: 1/11/2016

Units Affected: 2016 Momentum

Build Dates: 9/2/15 - 11/12/15

VIN Range: G1202200 - G1202405

Summary: Incorrect Fed Label Information (UVW & CCC)

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NHTSA Recall Number: 15V-518

TC Recall Number: 2015-379

Date Released: 9/4/2015

Units Affected: 2014-2016 Reflection 337RLS, 323BHS, 317RST

Build Dates: 9/5/13 - 6/30/15

VIN Range: E1200129 - G3304306

Summary: Incorrect Size Axles (5200# vs. 6000#)

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NHTSA Recall Number: 15V-212

TC Recall Number: 2015-154

Date Released: 4/14/2015

Units Affected: 2015/2016 Reflection 303RLR, 308BHTS & 313RLTS  w/5200# Axles, and 2016 Solitude 375RE w/7000# Axles

Build Dates: Reflection 3/12/15 - April 6, 2015, Solitude 4/30/15 - 5/7/15

VIN Range: Reflection F3302871 - G3303180, Solitude G1104904 - G1104909

Summary: "Tru-Ryde" Wheel Hub Stud Shear

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NHTSA Recall Number: 14V-476

TC Recall Number: 2014-331

Date Released: 8/18/2014

Units Affected: 2014 Momentum 355TH, 380TH, 385TH

Build Dates: 6/24/13 - 3/21/14

VIN Range: E1100707 - E1101902

Summary: "Correct Track" Hanger Bolt Shear

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NHTSA Recall Number: 14V-214

TC Recall Number: N/A

Date Released: 5/12/2014

Units Affected: 2014 Solitude 369RL & 305RE

Build Dates: 2/21/13 - 7/24/13

VIN Range: E1100057 - E1100665

Summary: Frigidaire Convection Microwave Touch Pads

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